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COMEX Bullion Report of 9th May 2022

Gold & Silver has a more downside as its trading in the zone of ope sell as of now. As Gold future prices are on discount in compare to God spot price which indicate Gold remain downside only & will touch 1820$
Silver spot & future trading at same price Silver move in flow to downside only for target around 20.77$ 


Range: 1885$ - 1820$

Our Preference: Sell Gold 1885$ with SL 1893$+ for target 1853$

Alternative Scenario: Buy Gold 1851$+ for target 1880$ with SL only below 1845$

Trading Zone

1851$ Buy for the day

1835$ Buy @ 1st stroke

1820$ Buy for the week

1885$ Sell for the day

Maintain SL of 2.5$


Range: 21$ - 22.66$

Our Preference: Sell Silver only below 22.36$ for target 21.35$ with SL only above 22.60$+

Trading Zone

 21.96$ Buy for a momentum with SL 0.13$

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