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Bullion Report update for 28th Jan 2022

Latest News

Biden told Zelensky that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is now virtually certain and that Kyiv need to 'prepare for impact'

Fundamentals of the day

7.00 PM Core PCE price Index
               Personal Income & Spending m/m
8.30 PM Revised UoM Consumer sentiment
              Revised UoM Consumer Inflation Expectation


Range: 47732 - 48350

Our Preference: Buy Gold 47780+ for target 48350 on CF position with SL only below 47600

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold below 47600 for target 47410 with SL 100 point only

47410+ is again buy with SL 47200 for 700 point target

Due to Expiry Gold will remain undertone till 31st January & Buy in the evening of Monday for a positional basis.


Range: 61500 - 62500

Our Preference: Buy Silver 61600 with SL 61350 for target 62500

Alternative Scenario: Sell below 61350 for target 60650 with SL 350 POINT

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