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Daily Bullion Report Feb 8, 2022

Latest News
U.S. and japan reach deal to end Trump-era stell tariffs.

Impact: It will help out steel price in little control due to a little more supply will increase.


Range: 48500 - 48016

Our Preference: Buy Gold 48017 for target 48500 with SL only below 47900

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 48500 for target 48150 with SL only above 48635

Comex Gold has a resistance @ 1832$ where a momentum sell will apply. But do not forget trend will remain only upside.
Positional trader will remain in Buy side only.

Momentum Call: Buy Gold 48170 for target 48380 SL 48080


Range:  62725 - 61600

Our Preference: Buy Silver 61600+ for target 62700 with SL 61250

Alternative Scenario: Sell Silver 62725 for target 61950 with SL 63000 ( Intraday)

Above 63050+ will remain in Buy again for target 63834 only

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