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Daily Bullion Report of 14th Feb 2022

Latest News,

Talks between 2 president Jo Biden & Putin seems failing as of Now, So tension of Ukrain is still on High. Ukrain has been surrounded by Russian Military as of now.  As per Pantagon Intel Russia will attack Ukrain on 16th Feb 2022. Germany will punish Russia with sever sanction by targeting its Financial & Energy Sector if Ukrain problem will not resolve.

Urgent meeting are going on between NATO, which is member of 30 countries.
Still there is No comment specifically given in Public by Valdimir Putin.
In next 72 hours more announcement will arrive, which will be important for the movement.

Impact: Gold, Silver & Crude will remain on High (Upside) based on this movement. Nifty, Nasdaq, Bank nifty & other indices will remain downside on this news.

Technical: Gold has make a base point of 1843$ as of now, with the help of this base it will try to make new high. Till the time Gold do not cross & sustain 1843$ will try to make a high 1879.6$. Any sell applicable only below 1840$ till 1824$ & 1807$ in extension.

MCX Gold has cross 49500. Which shows Buy Continue above 49500 for target towards 50150. Any downside only applicable below 49250 only.

Fundamentals of the day


Range: 48958 - 49650

Our Preference: Buy Gold 49475+ for target 49875  & 50150 with SL 49300 below

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold only below 49230 for target 48960 with 100 + POINT SL

Trading Zone

49500 with SL 70 point


Silver has open the gate of 25.15$ & 25.87$ in extension.

Range: 62750 - 65000

Our Preference: Buy Silver 62790+ for target 63900 & 64150+ buy again for 65000 with SL only below 62500

Trading Zone

63700 Buy with SL 200 point

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