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Bullion Report Updated of 21st Feb 2022

Latest Updates

  • France confirms Biden and Putin have agreed to hold a summit, says 'it can only be held if Russia does not invade Ukraine'

  • Impact: This is a good sign to avert War as a 1st step.

Morning news 9.30 AM
  • US Has Prepared Initial Package Of Sanctions Against RU: Would Bar US Banks From Big Russian Banks - RTRS Sources

  • US Holiday - In evening session
  • Its Mandatory to keep close watch on all news. As in any war 24 hours any time news arrive & affect the market.
  • For Live Updates  Type 'TLC Live ' & whats app Us 7046379799 -Only for Gold Silver relates news & fundamentals

Gold has touch 1910.7$ today early morning. Which we have mention in previous report.


Range: 50500 - 49500

Our Preference: Sell Gold 50250 add on 50400 for target 49550 with SL 50501
                            As per previous report also same call provided sell @ 50250 where it made a low of 49829 from

Alternative Scenario: Buy Gold 49500+ Sl 49380 with target 49900

COMEX Gold has a good resistance @ 1910$ with risk of 1915$ for target 1870$.

Positional trader sell Gold 50250 with same risk 50501+ for target 49000.
 Any upper side position will change only in case of Buy 50501+ with open Buy condition.


Range: 64150 - 62728

Our Preference: Sell Silver 64150 for target 62728 with SL 64550+

Trading Zone

63836 Sell SL 170 point
62728 Buy SL 200 point

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Bullion Report