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Daily Bullion Report update of 24th Feb 2022

Latest Updates

  • Russian Military has already enter into Ukraine cities.
  • They are just 100 km away from its Capital Kyiv.
  • By tomorrow morning Ukraine war decision will be clear.
  • On other side US President Biden promises 'further consequences' for Russia. European Member have an urgent meeting to take an action VS Russia will be declared in upcoming news.

Impact: In the state of war Gold, Silver ,Crude will remain one sided Buy side only VS Indices ( Nifty, Nasdaq & others), all Fx currencies will move downside only. Which we have already mention in our previous report too.

As of now for today also Gold & Silver are in open Buy Where Gold will touch its target 52500. which we mention in our previous report, but do the as much lots with back up which u can bear a losses not more than that.


Range: 51109 - 52565

Our Preference: Buy Gold 51109 target 52565 with SL 50900

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 52565 with target 51650 with SL 52765

Positional trader who bought Gold can book their gold near 52500 around

At the price of 1950.9$ Gold is up by 170$. Further buy is above 1954$+.

Practically Gold & Silver is in open Buy case without any levels just based on the War news.

Trading Zone

51800 SL 100 point

51940+ Buy stop SL 100 point

We provide all the live updates about Gold Silver with impact, Next Trend, Position of buy or sell on Whats app only. So If you want live updates stay connected on Whats app Type - ' TLC Live'  to 7046379799.


Range: 64500 - 68500

Our Preference: Buy Silver 65500+ for target 66500 add buy above 66700+ for target 67900

Silver has base price of 64500 now with a strong buy & top to bottom correction point.

Trading Zone

Sell 66500 SL 66650

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