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Bullion Report Update of 25th Feb 2022

What Happend????????

Gold has touch 1976.5$ on a very high speed within a couple of hours during the Russian begun attack on Ukraine which is still continue, But It move back to pavilion till 1878.6$ which is 98$ reversal. Based on the statement of US president Jo Biden says we will not fight with Ukraine & with immediate effect Gold, silver Crude move Down & All Indices Nasdaq, S&P 500 move up.

Market behave with purely based on Fundamental. But most important War begin which is geopolitical tension, Most fear was that If US & NATO was support in WAR it will be a bigger problem, now when US declare we will not fight in Ukraine so it has become a personal matter of Russia VS Ukraine which do not feel more trouble to other economy. And as US announce its not suppose to fight all indices & bullion + Crude move back to their initial prices where they have started to move upside.

Impact: Based on this Gold silver will remain downside only.

Whats is the current situation ?

As per the current scenario, upcoming news is US, UK, & NATO members are freezing the properties,money, other financial transaction, Export - Import & more sanction levied on Russia. They want to boycott Russia from the Global Economy. Belarus also may facing the same.

We have given open buy in Gold which was running @ 51500 & in Silver 66400.
Gold made high 52798, where we had given Sell @ 52565 with SL 52765 for target 1000 point downside which was achieve, but Gold has cross our SL by 22 Rs extra, which we had given live updates in Whats App broadcast by correcting SL by 52800 again.

For live updates by Broadcast Type - 'TLC Live 7046379799'


Range: 50200 - 51200

Our Preference: Buy Gold 1878$ = 50200+ for target 51000 with SL 50000

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 51150 with SL 51300+ for target 50350


Range: 63800 - 65600

Our Preference: Buy Silver 64000 with SL 63600 for target 65500

Alternative Scenario: Sell Silver only below 63500 for target 62600 with SL 350 point

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