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Bullion report of 28th Feb 2022

Latest News
  • EU airspace shut down to Russian planes

  • SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

  • EU Moves Toward Ousting Russia From SWIFT as Germany Shifts
    • French finance minister calls it a ‘Financial nuclear weapon
    • Decision would require unanimity among the 27 EU countries
  • Impact: As Europe, US & UK agree to cut out Russian Banks SWIFT Code, this is really a financial disruption in Russian Economy. The consequences are worst for this action. Russia's all import & export for this countries will stop. Duet to this Crude oil price, Wheat price, Gold price will sky rocket. All the indices & stocks will collapse in coming session post action of RUSSIA.
  • Ukraine & Russia meeting has set on boarders & its waiting for its outcomes
  • Its preferable to remain in Buy side only in both Gold, Silver, & Crude.
  • Rest of the update will be given live on Whats app type - "TLC LIVE" to 7046379799


On Friday, We gave Gold buy @ 50200 where it made a Low of 50040 & touch our target 51000 today morning.

Range: 50138 - 51416

Our Preference: Buy Gold 50200+ for target 51200 & 51900 with SL below 50000 only

Momentum Call: Buy GOLD 50500+ with SL 50380 for target 51000

Trading Zone

51200 Sell with SL 51300
51350+ Buy stop with SL 100 point


Range: 65000 - 69000

Our Preference: Buy Silver 65000+ for target 67000 with SL only below 64650 only If sustain.

We prefer to Buy or Sell only when it match with our prior condition & carry with SL & target.

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