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Daily Bullion Report of 2nd March 2022

Latest Updates

War is on.

  • So Gold is till on Buy side.
  • Russian finance ministry sees gold as alternative to USD - Ifx
  • “The Economic Weapon: The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War,”
  • Its easy to fight in now days if you wants to destroy by Sanction to other country rather than fight MAN TO MAN.
Gold made a Low of 51159, where we mention Buy @ 51200 for target 51970 where it made a High of 51876.

COMEX Gold has a strong resistance @ 1950$. As it cross 1954$+ will move in Buy for 20$.
Where MCX stands 52000 as a equivalent price above that 52565.


Range: 51200 - 52565

Our Preference: Buy Gold 51200 with SL 51000 for target 51900 & 52565.

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 52565 for target 51615 with SL 52765+

Trading Zone

Session Call:   Sell Gold 52000 SL 52150


Range:  25.88 - 24.56
Range: 68500 - 65900

Our Preference: Buy Silver 67175+ for target 66850 target 68175

Alternative Scenario: Buy Silver 65950+ for target 67735 SL 65500

Silver sell call activate from 25.88$ = 69168 ... it is the only sell point with risk only above 26.12$+.

Our all calls are in its sequence... So we believe no need to get Confuse, If you don't get anything out of this we request to block this report from your end, because Half knowledge + Half understanding will kill your money.Most important make a discipline in your regular lots every time for at least 1 month rather than ups or downside in your lots.

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