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Dialy Bullion Report of 4th March 2022

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Which means Gold remain Up only or position remain on Buy side only with specific levels.

  • Russian troops have begun shelling Europe's largest nuclear power station in Ukraine @ 6 AM early morning
  • Effects: As this plant is already inactive but still nuclear chemical was there, If any kind of causality wold damage 110Km of area surrounded by it. Which cause immediate upside in Bullion & crude after the news in morning @ 6 AM.
  • 3rd round of talk will begin in next week between Moscow & Kyiv.
Since last 3 days, from 1st March to 3rd March Gold move between 51200 to 52000, Where our reports also does not change due to the same thing, Everyday we gave Buy @ 51200, Sell in momentum 51970 with Max cap till 52565. As many clients are asking about same report everyday, compare our report to market movement you will get to know that market range what we provided VS movement is one & the same. Due to which we do not change our report till the time Market does not break our range.

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Fundamentals of the day

7.00 PM      NON-Farm Employment Change
                   Average Hourly Earnings
                   Unemployment Rate

USDINR is expected to move near 77 Rs. Which may cause to GOLD -SILVER little more higher in MCX compare to COMEX


Range: 51200 - 52565

Our Preference: Sell Gold 52565+ for target 51800 & 51200 with SL 52765.

Alternative Scenario: Buy Gold 51200+ for target 51970 & 52565 ( add more above 52150+)

Trading Zone

51970 Buy with sl 100 point target 52250

COMEX Gold has still resist @ 1954$, as Today morning @ 6am HIGH 1954.5$, as it cross in COMEX immediately BUY apply in MCX.


Range:  66200- 69500

Trading Zone

67455 Buy @ 1st stroke SL 200 point target 750 point.

Our Preference: Buy Silver 66200+ for target 68500 with SL 65800

Alternative Scenario: Sell activate 69350 with SL 69750 for target 67500

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