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In Expiry days Bullion remain weak - report update of 23rd March 2022

Expiry Week in Gold

Gold does not show much of its strength. Physical Gold & Future Gold price difference is near zero. This indicates gold price will move downside for the momentum. Technical Point: Gold has resistance @ 1950$ as we mention in our previous couple of report also. As it sustain below this will touch the price of 1885$-1890$ around we expect. Fresh buy for positional trader for new contract will apply from 30th March 2022.

In the mean time, Keep an eye on UK-Russia news events also, as US,UK,NATO are suppose to meet which may declare breaking news will impact on GOLD directly. We will update by Whats App: 7046379799 stay connect type 'TLC LIVE'


Range: 50550 - 51950

In previous report gold given sell from 51970 where high was 51941 & move down, on Buy position mention from 51117+ where Low was 51150.

Our Preference: Buy 50550+ for target 52000 with SL only below 50350 (Holding only)

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 51550 for target 51020 & 50700 with SL only above 51750+

Trading Zone

51030 buy with SL 80 point
51950 Sell SL 100 point


Range: 66510 - 69000

In previous report Silver sell given from 69000 where High 69090 for target 67700 where Low made 67150. 

Our Preference: Buy Silver 66550+ for target 69000 with SL 66100

Alternative Scenario: Sell Silver 68928 for target 66600 with SL only above 68500

Trading Zone

68928 SL 300 point

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