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Bullion report update of 28th March 2022

Breaking News

Russia, Ukraine To Hold Negotiation Talks In Turkey Between March 28 & 30

Effect: peace of talk on war always get down the price of bullion for short term.


Range: 51135 - 51970

Our Preference: Buy Gold 51135+ for target 51700 with SL 51000 below

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 50950 for target 50550 with SL 150 point

Trading Zone

51350 Buy with SL 100 point

COMEX Gold has got a Buy @ 1917$ with risk only below 1909$ which will drag it down till 1890$ for a base buy of the month in Gold.

Positional Trader have to wait & buy on 29th March closing or on 31st March


Range: 66514 - 68928

Our Preference: Buy Silver 66514+ for target 68900 with SL 66100

Trading Zone

67150 buy SL 190 point

We prefer to wait & Buy both in Gold & Silver on tomorrow night or Day after tomorrow max.

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