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Bullion direction on Signals Of ‘Constructive’ Peace Talks

Breaking News

  • WTI Oil Falls Below $100 Amid Signals Of ‘Constructive’ Peace Talks
  • Russia's promise to scale back attacks around Kyiv and Chernihiv is seen as a positive signal in the peace negotiations
  • Ukraine has proposed it would keep a neutral status and would not join alliances or host troops of other countries on its territory.
  • WAR moves swiftly to peace - 1st one to move down is Crude oil
  • EURUSD start recovering
  • All US Index will move up ( S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq)
  • Gold -Silver move down
  • Base metals start move down
  • All the major announcements are arriving from Ukraine only - Russia Kremlin says to remain silent
  • But WAR is not Over here
  • As per above those news Gold cross 1900$ & Silver near to 24$.
Gold - As we stated earlier also Gold has a bottom near 1890$ around, we expect today will be the last fall post this news till 1890$.
  • Gold take a U-Turn from 1890$ to 1990$ on upside
  • Silver will move upside 26$ again 

Range: 1890$ - 1990$

MCX:    50,550 - 52000

Our Preference: Buy Gold 1895$ match with mcx around 50800 for target 52200 with SL only below 1885$ & 50600 below in MCX

Trading Zone

51300 Sell with SL 70 point
51380+ Buy stop with SL 100 point

Positional Trader Buy Gold @ 51000 with back up 50700 for target 52400


Range: 23.63$ - 26$

MCX: 64600 - 69183

Our Preference: Buy Gold 65205+ for target 67500 with SL 64900

Trading Zone

66600 Stop sell with SL 200 point
66800+ Buy stop with SL 300 point

Positional Trader will Buy gold & Silver @ any price only with back up Buy as mention in GOLD 1890$ = MCX & in Silver 23.63$ = MCX for any confusion drop the message on +91 7046379799 Whats app message only

Above all keep your lot size in control as per your financial Capacity only, Strict follow a discipline is required. As per above analysis this is just our educational guideline which may help you to understand market better, we are not liable or part of anybody's profit or loss 

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