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Daily Bullion Report Update on 30th March 2022

Latest Updates:

Kremlin from Russia:
  • It has not noticed anything else really promising or that looks like a breakthrough
  • Peace talks need to be held in private, says it won't get into substance of what is being discussed
  • Kremlin says Senior Lawmaker's idea of asking countries to pay for Russian exports in $RUB should be worked on
  • Will not immediately demand switch to gas payments in $RUB and promises gradual change   
Effect: It looks like they it will take more time to come for nay discussion & in mean time war is on which indicates Bullion will move upper side only

  • Yesterday's evening report its we mention clearly to Buy Gold & Silver both.
  • Positional Trader will Buy only in GOLD & Silver both with specified price for target 53286 &  70,078.

Gold Buy @ 51251 with target 52390 & 53286
break out buy is 51900+ in Gold for same target

Trading Zone

51800 Sell SL 51892
51900+ Buy stop with SL 120 point

Silver Buy @ 67100 with back up 66500 with target 70000
Break out buy above 67900+

Trading Zone

67700 Sell SL 150 point
67900 Buy Stop with SL 250 point

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