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Bullion report update for 13th April 2022

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  • Russia President Putin: Talks Are In Dead-End; Putin Says Ukraine Has Deviated From Agreements Achieved at Talks in Istanbul - IFX


  • Terrorist attack on Brooklyn Metro in US
Effects: All above news were negative for US indices which have impacted yesterday it self & Bullion move upside.

Technical View:
  • Gold Open Interest increase 5,70,670 but Volume decrease 1,88,023 in comex, it means today Gold will be a little choppy with side way range today between 1985$ to 1952$
  • Yesterday Gold made High of 1982.7$ where 50% price resistance of 190.5$ difference with High 2078.8$ Low 1888.3$ = 1983.7$ is 50% correction price.
  • So, today strong sell resistance @ 1983$ with strong Buy support @ 1955$ for today.
Market Commentary:
US inflation is on 40years high which indicates Fed will hike an interest aggressively in coming FOMC which is in MAY at that point in time Gold will move down again by 70$ to 80$. So before that there is a high probability Gold will touch 2024$. So positional trader will match their pricing with MCX & Buy 1952$+ for upside target 1985$ & add on Buy 1992$+ for target 2024$.


As per the previous report Gold move up only from 1950$ where we mention to buy for target 1987$ where it made a high of 1982.7$.
MCX Sell call given @ 52948 where it made high of 53000 yesterday.
MCX for positional call we have given buy from 51251+ for 1st target 52948 which had touch yesterday.

Range: 1987$ - 1952$

MCX: 53300 - 52175

Our preference: Buy Gold 52500+ for target  53000 with SL below 52350

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 53150 for target 52550 with SL only above 53290+

Trading Zone

52948 Sell with SL 100 point for jobbing


Range: 69118 -67500

Our Preference: Sell Silver 69118 for target 68200 with SL only above 69500+

Alternative Scenario: Buy Silver 69590+ for target 70700 with SL 69200 below only.

Yesterday Silver made Low of 67583 where we gave a Buy of 67500+ for target 69118 which touch today. But the same call we gave since last 3 days. which was activate for Positional trader on Monday it self.
Most important thing is When it was 67500 below silver price we gave sell @ 67500 when it cross 67500 we gave buy @ 67500+ now understand this if not then Question us Why ?

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