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Bullion Report Update of 22nd April 2022


This is What Powell Thinks: The job market in the United States is too hot, unsustainably hot

  • Probably not going back to the old prepandemic economy.
  • We are very focused on getting inflation down to 2% goal; our goal is to use tools to have a soft landing
  • My goal is to get inflation down without a recession.
  • In my view it is appropriate to move more quickly - 50 bps is on the table for the may meeting
  • Had expectation inflation would peak around this time
  • I want to see actual progress on inflation coming down
  • We are going to get expeditiously to more neutral rates
  • Fed can't fix supply-side problems
  • Events in ukraine have the ‘possibility of leading to more fragmentation’ - ‘clear that globalization has slowed down, may go into reverse’

Effects: In total of his speech conclusion - Fed government is helpless to control supply chain, which mean they can not control commodity prices banning from rise, which mean they can not control even Inflation, even though they increase interest rate inflation can not control. Soft landing will slow down economic growth & may recession is awaiting by next year if economic situation will get worse in case


 Effects on Indices will remain negative, commodity Bullion will remain positive.

But it seems like Gold & Silver both will remain in sideways down or choppy till 28th April 2022 & Fresh Positional Buy will begun from the date of 29th April.


Range: 52200 - 52980

Our Preference: Buy Gold 52206+ for target 52980 with SL 52000

Alternative Scenario: Sell Gold 52940 for target 52300 with SL only above 53100+

51999 Break Out Sell with SL 100 point

52350 Session buy with SL 70 point



Range: 66900 - 68350

Our Preference: Buy Silver 66930+ for target 68100 with SL only below 66420

Trading Zone

66400 Break out sell SL 200 point

68100 Sell @ 1st stroke SL 68250

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