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Bullion report of 25th April 2022

As we expect bullion remain down till 28th April & buy price @ 1917$ & 23.65$, but as it arrive very early @ 1917$ just today on 25th April which is too early to buy, So preferably 1890$ is now the Buy point again with risk of 1880 for target 1920$ & Silver is hanging on a Expiry days, But is we look into Gold & Silver in this case Positional trader still have to wait for their Buy because still its not a right time.

As per previous reports where mention for break out in Gold & Silver both of them are moves down after break out as we expected.


Range: 51200 - 52200

Our Preference: Buy Gold 51350+ for target 52150 with SL only below 51200


Range: 64000 - 67500

Our Preference: Buy Silver 64000+ for target 67000 with SL only below 63500

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Bullion Report