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Bullion report update of 26th April 2022

  • Dollar Index trading @ 101.57 - Yesterday High 101.77.
  • US Dollar has strength vs 6 major currencies which cause upside fro Dollar Index.
  • US Fed interest rate hike next week on 4th May 2022. Expected rate is increase by 0.50 basis point.
  • Effect is almost 80$ to 90$ down on Gold. But gold has given all its impact in advance by almost 110$ down, wheere its 2003 High & low 1891.8$ 

Technical View:
  • Gold has a bottom point 1890$ & MCX has a previous low 51251 where it will try to make a double bottom so trader will make a good buy position on this rates
  • Now Gold will up from 1890$ to 1924$ & will trade in between till 29th April. 
  • It will remain under pressure due to Fed interest rate hike but on the opposite a war is on, Safe heaven is only Gold, hedge fund & all has started Buy Gold below 1900$ again.
  • Any down side position is only below 1875$. Its stop sell on break out.
  • MCX has a Break out sell @ 51100 below only.
Our Buy Call activate which will continue .. all trader will carry their Buy position in Gold


Our Preference: Buy Gold 51350+ for target 51982 with SL 51200 below only IF sustain.
Alternative Scenario:  Sell Gold 52014 with SL 52150 for target 51550.

COMEX Gold is buy from 1890$+ for target 1924$ where again a short sell will arrive.


Our Preference: Buy Silver 63900+ for target 64900 with SL 63590.

Silver is still in under pressure + Expiry days are on so we will wait fr positional Buy in Silver till 29th April. Buy rate is 23.63$ in Silver only Buy point & exit buy only below 23.33$ which will take it down till 22$ in a week.

But just be on Buy side we will prefer in Gold & Silver both.

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